Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Winter Wonderland

Dear all,
Winter Wonderland is where I currently reside. I am at my parents place in the country side, and the weather is cold, and snowy, and lovely. All things fashion are far away right now, since I mainly wear jodphurs and Goretex boots right now. But, one very important thing remotely resembling the world of chic is my knitting right now. I am currently working on a norwegian patterned scarf in christmas colors with a white fringe- it's a Christmas present for our housekeeper, who walks our dogs in freezing weather. Apart from that, I am really ready to get back to Unitown, because I can't wait to check out the huge fabric store that is apparently right outside my door, only I never knew. Well, technically it's a few blocks away, but still amazingly close. When I moved there I was already slightly depressed about the fabric situation, nothing in site, but! beware of the outskirts!
On another note- I just got myself the cutest and weirdest multi-colour booties on sale. No clue what to wear them with, but I am psyched for when I find out!
Happy holidays!

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