Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Winter Wonderland

Dear all,
Winter Wonderland is where I currently reside. I am at my parents place in the country side, and the weather is cold, and snowy, and lovely. All things fashion are far away right now, since I mainly wear jodphurs and Goretex boots right now. But, one very important thing remotely resembling the world of chic is my knitting right now. I am currently working on a norwegian patterned scarf in christmas colors with a white fringe- it's a Christmas present for our housekeeper, who walks our dogs in freezing weather. Apart from that, I am really ready to get back to Unitown, because I can't wait to check out the huge fabric store that is apparently right outside my door, only I never knew. Well, technically it's a few blocks away, but still amazingly close. When I moved there I was already slightly depressed about the fabric situation, nothing in site, but! beware of the outskirts!
On another note- I just got myself the cutest and weirdest multi-colour booties on sale. No clue what to wear them with, but I am psyched for when I find out!
Happy holidays!

Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009

Blue Awesomeness

One of the best things that has happened to me is 1) my boyfriend, 2)the fact that the boyfriend bought me 700g of the softest, most expensive most beautiful alpaca bulky yarn from Lang Yarns. It is incomparable. I've had it for a few months and am working on the pattern to use it on because i'm so scared of wasting it. I'm thinking of a sweater that somewhat resembles a stormy cloud, thinkthink.
I swear to god- this is the nicest yarn I've ever laid hands on. It's soft, the colour is beautiful and I want to take it to bed. In fact, on my drive home from Munich that weekend I put it on the seat next to me and occasionally petted it. THATS how soft it is.

Peppermint stripes

One item that I made and that I am particularly fond of is my new beret, made from merino fingering weight. It's a pattern I got off ravelry, and I made it simply out of the necessity to have a hat because it had suddenly gotten colder. i added a little green bow to the band making it extra prim, and even though the pattern is not quite right for the yarn it is a hat that has seen a lot of wear and I've gotten a ton of compliments for it. A better picture of it worn will be up soon.


After many many knitpieces for other people, I is making me some fancy candystripe sweater. I used hints from a pattern from Drops, but generally just made it up as I went along. I'm not sure thats going so well, it's pretty tight and knitting intarsia back and forth is really not fun at all and its really really hard to keep gauge. I ran out of yarn and i'm waiting for the final skeins to arrive for the sleeves, because that's all thats left to do! Two little sleeves. Waiting to be knit during lectures. I am always the center of many attentive looks when I am knitting in lectures, and I'm sure many knitters experience that too when knitting publically.
So. Here is the first part of candycane. sorry for the crappy photo.

Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

The endless scarf...... being endless because i have had to unravel a certain section four times by now because each time I made a mistake. If it were for me, I wouldn't give a damn, but this scarf is for my friend Conny who is going to eastern Poland come fall for her studies. Since she is very concerned about ecoliving and pollution I made it from eco-friendly-100%-non-died-sheepswool I ordered off the net. The pattern is officially killing me, I really really like cables, but not so many of them jumping in my face every 6 rows! Honestly, I've thought about trashing the whole thing twice........but I still hope she likes it when it's finished..........come 2078.

Miss Golightly out on the town!

As I wanted this blog to cover my crafts, especially my sewing I am getting started by posting the object I am currently quite proud of and in love with: My Golightly dress. Made from cotton that I bought in LA years ago before the total polkadot craze I always had the fear to make something out of this that wasn't worth the fabric. Only after finding another source to get I cut it up and made this out of it! Using patterns from my alltime favourite site (e.g. the bodice sloper and the marie skirt) I am really happy with the outcome and with what I got out of the fabric.
It's funny how hesitant I am to cut up beautiful fabric of which I have only a limited amount, I covet it so much I am sincerely afraid of ruining it by making the wrong garment out of it. I always have the feeling that a fabric has to sit with me for so and so long until I find out what it will be become. I wish I would give all my decisions as much thinking before cutting things up!!