Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2008

The endless scarf...... being endless because i have had to unravel a certain section four times by now because each time I made a mistake. If it were for me, I wouldn't give a damn, but this scarf is for my friend Conny who is going to eastern Poland come fall for her studies. Since she is very concerned about ecoliving and pollution I made it from eco-friendly-100%-non-died-sheepswool I ordered off the net. The pattern is officially killing me, I really really like cables, but not so many of them jumping in my face every 6 rows! Honestly, I've thought about trashing the whole thing twice........but I still hope she likes it when it's finished..........come 2078.

Miss Golightly out on the town!

As I wanted this blog to cover my crafts, especially my sewing I am getting started by posting the object I am currently quite proud of and in love with: My Golightly dress. Made from cotton that I bought in LA years ago before the total polkadot craze I always had the fear to make something out of this that wasn't worth the fabric. Only after finding another source to get I cut it up and made this out of it! Using patterns from my alltime favourite site (e.g. the bodice sloper and the marie skirt) I am really happy with the outcome and with what I got out of the fabric.
It's funny how hesitant I am to cut up beautiful fabric of which I have only a limited amount, I covet it so much I am sincerely afraid of ruining it by making the wrong garment out of it. I always have the feeling that a fabric has to sit with me for so and so long until I find out what it will be become. I wish I would give all my decisions as much thinking before cutting things up!!